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Arcade 8 spoked wheel for   McCormick Deering thresher, 1 1/2” diameter.                
Unplated.                                ARC-152-S         $15.00

Kenton solid wheel for Jaeger cement mixer, 1 11/16”diameter.                      
Nickel plated.                      KEN-172             $15.00
Kenton spoked wheel with lugs for road graders and Jaeger cement mixers, 1 13/16” diameter.
Nickel plated.                      KEN 184-S                    $15.00

Arcade 8 spoked wheel for front of Fordson & McCormick Deering tractors, 1 13/16”   diameter.  
Unplated.                                ARC-186-S        $15.00
Arcade driver for large Fordson tractor.                                                                                                        
Nickel plated.                      ARC-310-D        $25.00

Arcade driver for McCormick Deering 10-20 tractor.                             
Nickel plated.                      ARC-350-D        $25.00
Arcade driver for large & medium Caterpillar tractors.
Nickel plated.                     ARC-305-D         $25.00

Arcade pail for cream separator.                                                                 
Nickel plated.                      ARC-154-M        $30.00
Arcade seat for Weber farm wagon.                                                                                               
Unpainted.                            ARC-116-M        $20.00

Vindex seat for Whitewater wagon.                                                           
Unpainted.                                        VDX-231-C        $50.00
Arcade bushing for Weber wagon running gear.                        
Nickel plated                                  ARC-073-C         $25.00
Hubley road roller driver, also fits rear of   some large fire engines.
Nickel plated.                                    HUB-331-D        $15.00
Kenton scoop for 6 1/2” & 7 1/2” Jaeger cement mixer; also fits horse drawn cement mixer. Rod for mounting is included.                        
Aluminum.                            KEN-390         $25.00


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